Sunday, March 25, 2012


I spent another weekend in the Treasure Valley.  I picked Gabe up on Saturday morning.  He and I headed to Krispy Kreme for a late breakfast.  He had never watched the doughnuts being made and he was really enthralled.  We ate our doughnuts and he told me about the events of his life for the last couple of weeks since I last saw him.  We jumped in the car and drive to Caldwell to watch Mollie's softball team.

The day was beautiful and he found a couple of other little boys to play with at the games.  He seemed to enjoy the warm day and playing outside for hours.  

Mollie, Gabe and I went to an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse and then we took Gabe home and Mollie and I went to the movie.  We went to the Hunger Games.  I really had no desire to see the film but I couldn't resist spending the evening with Mols.  I actually liked the movie more than I thought that I would.  Well, like is maybe too strong but it was thought provoking for sure.  Maybe I need to read the books.

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