Saturday, November 15, 2014

Scraping Wallpaper

Wallpaper removal has been tedious but I was progressing at an acceptable pace until I discovered a complication.  The wall behind my appliances was a painted wall and I realized that someone had simply painted over the wallpaper.  Once again, I resorted to online research to solve this problem.  I discovered that more elbow grease was the only answer.  First, I scraped off the paint and then resumed wallpaper removal.  It was frustrating and time consuming but certainly not impossible.

Another obstacle was the arched wall above the appliances.  It had not been painted but it was difficult to get the vinegar/water solution to penetrate because it dripped off too quickly. This problem sent me back to researching a method to ease the difficulty of this task.

I found a great product, Chomp a commercial wallpaper stripper in a spray bottle.  It was very effective and definitely mad my life easier.  Chomp is relatively inexpensive and is non-toxic.  I bout my bottle at The Home Depot.  This is not an advertisement  but I want to share products which worked well for me.

As I mentioned earler, this process is slow and tedious but I am making progress day by day.

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