Monday, October 22, 2012

Notre Dame

Tim's godparents, Sam and Laurie got us tickets to the Notre Dame-BYU game this past weekend.  What a thrill, Tim is a lifetime Notre Dame fan, so Tim, Megan and I flew to Chicago and then drove to South Bend.

An experience that none of us will forget.  Just walking across the campus was a thrill and entering the stadium nearly took my breath away.  I cannot describe the I had imagined only infinitely better.  The game was great!  The Irish won 17-14.  After the game, I was heading for the exit and Tim grabbed my hand and asked me why I was in such a hurry.  "Enjoy the moment, Mom!  Take it all in."  He was so right, I just stood in awe!

Sunday we toured the campus.  The Basilica, the Golden Dome, the Grotto were awe inspiring.  I have always admired those places but to actually see them....what a thrill!

Thank you, Sam and Laurie.  One weekend and a lifetime of memories!

Go Irish!

The 5 of us after the game

Tim and Lou Holtz

The Grotto

The Golden Dome

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