Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ten years later I still recall the events of this day so vividly.  I know that I was standing in the bathroom french braiding Mollie's hair when I got the phone call from Chuck telling me that the boys had been in a car accident.  I can still hear his voice telling me that Tim and Mitch were walking and talking but Ryan wasn't really doing so well.  I can picture walking into the hospital and seeing Julie in such shock and realizing that Ryan was not just suffering from broken bones...I began to understand how serious the situation was. I can still imagine sitting in the ambulance on the way to Boise and then wondering how we got there so fast.  I can repeat the conversation with the doctor from the trauma unit that met us and I can see the anguish on Chuck's face when he met me at the emergency room.  I can almost remember telling Ryan goodbye.  I remember sleeping in the hospital bed with Mitch and holding a thirteen year old like he was still my baby and both of us crying.

More importantly, Ryan, I can remember your smile.....

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